Random Wednesdays: Just Write Goddamn It!

Jackie Jones - ARCHIVED SITE!

Hello all and thanks for joining me for the midweek edition :)!

gif1Now that the pleasantries are over, the gloves are coming off. Writers – just write goddamn it!

I’m not sharing an excerpt, information about an upcoming book or any of the above today, this post is literally about encouraging you and me, to write what you like, as you like and worry about the ‘consequences’ later.

gif2Aren’t you tired of wondering what’s trending? Of freaking yourself out thinking “OMG too many povs” or, “Can I even adverb?” -> yes, I meant to write it like that. I know I’m damn tired of it, so tired of it in fact, that some expletives have flown from my lips without regard for those within hearing distance. I’m tired of stunting my writing style because of what others say is acceptable. I’m tired of anxiety because I decide to do something…

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