She Spoke Words

J Shakur

laspeaksShe Spoke Words

 She spoke piercing words that compelled my legs to disobey my direct order which inspired so many institutions of revolutions. Crazy right? A black woman indirectly telling me to sit down in such an aggressive manner so now you can only imagine the conflict stirring from my body,making a conscious decision to object law and override my verdict to move. When she spoke I listened, Analogies and philosophies so potent like her words couldn’t connote the state of surface. My chest moved to her rhythm “did we Forget?” My heart chased after her with the excitement of liberty and rooted purpose. She spoke words that manipulated the statuesque of logic and fragmentary perceptions. Assata Shakur, Nina Simone? I’m starting to see the connection. She imprinted on me in such a manner that my thoughts became her slave subject to her Lioness prowl. Passion fell from her lips, while I…

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